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Spooky Graveyard Game

Project Overview:

For this project I worked with two other artists to come up with a concept and to create 3D assets for a game level. The three of us each modeled and textured 1/3 of the 3D assets and made our own versions of the game level. On the game level I was responsible for Unity implementation, character animations, and 1/3 of the props.

The overview of our game is that of an action-strategy game which is aimed towards the more casual gamer who is looking for a little spooky fun. It is suitable for anyone 10 years or older. We chose to make the style a whimsical halloween aesthetic with a very stylized chunky look to have a more kid-friendly spooky visual appeal.

Each of the members on my team also chose a different character from Mixamo to work on the animations for and to style the game level around. For the game we had a Kid, a Zombie, and a Grandma character. I worked with the Grandma character.

The Grandma's objective is to fight and kill all of the zombies and use the kid as a maternal instinct boost. The Grandma is the caretaker of the cemetery, living within the cemetery’s borders in a shack. She is a badass and does not like to hide from a fight. Her weapon of choice is her trusty shovel. If the player chooses to play as the Grandma they will need to try to find and attack the Zombies without getting eaten. If the Grandma runs into the Kid she will receive a power up boost.

I modeled my level around the Grandma's gameplay by having her start at her shack, which is a safe zone for the Kid as well as where she lives during the day. In my game I also tried to go for a darker more spooky vibe, it would be one of the harder levels as it is fairly dark which makes spotting the zombies difficult. I really wanted to emphasize the different candles and lanterns by making them the main light source.

3D Assets:
Character Animations:
Grandma Idle Cycle
Grandma Run Cycle
Grandma Walk Cycle
Grandma Action Animation
Additional Information:
Year: 2018
Programs Utilized:
Level Design in Unity
Modeling and Animations in Maya 2018
Detailing and High Poly in ZBrush
Texturing in Substance Painter
Game Walkthrough edited in After Effects
Model from Mixamo "Sporty Granny"
Other 3D assets for level created by teammates Victoria Barranco and Chihiro Ichikawa
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